Free Computers to Further Your Education

Computer Recycling Center

Computer Recycling Center makes refurbished computers and laptops available to youth groups, low-income families, the elderly, teachers and other community-based nonprofit organizations. Fill out their application form and include the appropriate shipping fee.


Freecycle is an online network of charitable individuals who post gifts and donations of many things, including computers, so that others may benefit from their gifts. Click the link in “Resources” to sign up.

Computers 4 Kids

Computers 4 Kids are individual charitable organizations that provide local assistance to low-income families on how to acquire a free or low-cost computer. Click their link in “Resources” to view the locations of this computer donation organization.

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World Computer Exchange

World Computer Exchange is a portal for rescuing used computers, refurbishing them and distributing them throughout the world.  This company has benefited many communities and organizations that otherwise would not have been able to afford a computer or laptop. Visit their website for more information on donating or receiving a free computer.