Getting Started

Getting started with continuing your education is an investment in your future. Online schools make going back to school more convenient than ever. With our tips on schools, you will be on your way to earn your degree in no time. We let you know what to expect and what you will need to get a degree online. You can search for careers and search for colleges to help put you on a path to success.

What is Online EducationWhat is Online Education
Online Education is known by many different names including Distance Learning, E-Learning, Computer Based Training, and Web Based Training and is simply a way to receive an education without the student and teacher in the same classroom. Online schools take advantage of the advancement of computers and the internet and apply it to distance education.

Going to School StepsSteps to Going to School
Going to school is a great way to start a new career and invest in yourself for life. The seven steps listed here will help take you to the next step and keep you going. After you map out your interests, can help you choose a path, help you choose some schools to get some free information, and help you apply to the schools that you choose.

Online Vs CampusOnline Vs Campus
Online degree programs are more accessible, making going back to school easier than it’s ever been. Whether you’re looking for an online degree program that takes your career to the next level or you’re finally going to go after that art history degree, online schools offer students almost as many options as traditional colleges and universities. The primary advantage of getting your degree online is control over your schedule.

Online Advantages and DisadvantagesOnline Advantages / Disadvantages
Online education has made for many students the possibility of continuing an education possible. Online Schools provide a path to a more fulfilling future with more freedom than ever before. The number of schools is growing every year, as an increasing number of colleges try to help more students advance toward degrees while cutting the high costs of education.

The goal of accreditation is to ensure that education provided by institutions of higher education meets acceptable levels of quality. Accreditation in the United States involves non-governmental entities as well as governmental agencies. Going to an accredited online school means that your degree and your education carries with it the full respect of higher education.

Computer NeedsComputer Needs
Much like traditional school classes, distance learning courses are slightly different in both the way they work and in the type of equipment they require. Some courses are completed through email, while others use more complex systems, such as video conferencing, voice conferencing, and mobile devices. Here are some of the most basic equipment pieces you may need to begin an e-learning program.

Tips and ToolsTips and Tools
Going back to school is the first step to starting your new career. To help you on your new path, we have listed a few tips to get you started on the right foot.
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