Online vs Campus

More and more students choose online education every day.  Many traditional schools are also offering both online courses and campus courses.  Blended courses are also becoming more popular where a course has a mixture of online instruction with some class time as well.  Students have more choices today than ever before.  This flexibility is making going back to school easier than it’s ever been. Whether you’re looking for an online degree program that takes your career to the next level or you’re finally going to go after that art history degree, online schools offer students almost as many options as traditional colleges and universities.

Choosing Online Education vs a Campus School

With so many options, prospective students can feel over whelmed with which choice is best for them.  Choosing between on campus and distance learning begins with understanding how you learn and work best.

How is an Online School and a Campus School Similar?

  • Online Schools and Campus Schools use the same accreditation process.  In either case, check that the school is accredited.
  • Online Schools and Campus Schools offer a wide variety of degrees and courses.
  • Online Schools and Campus Schools are supported by financial aid and company contributions.
  • Online Schools  and Campus Schools have a challenging course curriculum where you can receive a quality education.
  • Online Schools and Campus Schools offer degrees that  are respected by hiring managers and human resource professionals.
  • Online Schools and Campus Schools provide healthy interaction between the instructors and other students about the course material.

Why Choose an Online University or School?

  • Online Schools  offer a more flexible schedules
  • Online Schools don’t require moving to campus
  • Online Schools  can allow  the student to work at their own pace
  • Online Courses can typically be viewed multiple times or paused for additional flexibility
  • Online Schools inherently require the student to become proficient with a computer

Why Choose a Campus School or University?

  • Campus schools offer many extracurricular activities such as football teams and other sports
  • Campus schools typically are associated with certain nostalgia and tradition
  • Campus schools offer some degree programs that require face to face and hands on instruction

The best choice between attending an online school or campus school ultimately comes down to an individual’s circumstances and preferences. List out your pros and cons and don’t fall to analysis paralysis, both online and campus schools offer excellent opportunities and learning environments, the only wrong choice is not choosing.