What is Online Education

Online education is another name for distance learning where the student attends class away from campus through a computer. The teacher prepares lessons and assigns homework just like a campus class. Assignments are posted online, and the student turns in the assignments typically through email.

Online education is a fast growing and more convenient way to learn and earn a degree than traditional schools. The online classroom is not limited to the student and the teacher sitting in a classroom together. This nontraditional learning experience is known by many different names including Distance Learning, E-Learning, Web Based Training (WBT), Internet Based Training (IBT), Virtual Classroom and Computer Based Training (CBT).  Online schools take advantage of the advancement of computers and the internet and apply it to distance education by allowing the student to learn and collaborate through the computer.  This advancement means that students do not have sit in a listening to a lecture by an instructor in front of a class.

What online courses are available?

As with campus schools, schools online offer a full range of online courses for self-improvement, certification and to earn a degree.  Getting a degree online can be just as rewarding as a traditional degree, but allows much more flexibility. Students can earn many levels of degrees including:

First Name
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How good is an online education?

Employers are now very familiar with online classes and regard a degree from a quality online school the same as a traditional school.  Employers are more concerned that the degree is from a reputable and accredited institution.  Students that earn a degree online or a mix of online and campus courses are very common today.  Distance learning has a long history with its roots in correspondence courses starting back in the early 1800’s, but today’s online schools have definitely improved the experience.  The primary form of communicating between the student and teacher for correspondence course was by regular mail. The internet and computer technology has changed distance learning with a much  improved way of communicating through the internet. Now, distance education fully involves the student with more communication between both the teacher and other classmates.

Online schools go through the same accreditation process as traditional schools. Just like traditional schools, some are better than others. Online schools offer a diverse curriculum and can be just as challenging and rewarding as other forms of education. Through the new distance learning of online schools you can earn your degree from your own home. Follow these steps to get started.