Online Advantages and Disadvantages

There are several advantages of an online education, but you need to make sure it is right for you.  With the internet age here, today’s students have grown up with computers as part of everyday life.  Going to school through the computer is just a natural progression.  The many benefits to online education are helping online schools to become more and more mainstream.  Staying at home, learning on your schedule are just some of the reasons that students attend online schools.

Top 10 Reasons for Studying Online

  1. Learn on your own schedule
  2. No traveling to campus
  3. Study at your own pace
  4. Courses are available 24/7
  5. Study at home, work, or on the road
  6. Read materials online or download them
  7. Wide range of online degrees to meet your needs
  8. Wide range of prices to fit your budget
  9. Wide range of online universities to choose from
  10. Demonstrates solid grasp of Internet skills to potential employers

Who is Choosing Online Education?

Every year, well known colleges and universities add their names to the roster of accredited online schools as a way to reach out to more students. For some students, online education is the best viable choice. These students include:

  • Homemakers raising children that need to be at home and go to school
  • Full time employees who cannot take time off from work to attend school
  • Active duty military personnel stationed both home and abroad
  • Job seekers who cannot find a job and need to improve their qualifications in order to be hired
  • Caretakers of homebound loved ones which make it difficult to keep a normal schedule
  • Home school students seeking to reach out for additional education
  • Disabled students who face physical challenges at a traditional school
  • Regular students that want more flexibility in their choices

Online education has made for many students the possibility of continuing an education possible. Online Schools provide a path to a more fulfilling future with more freedom than ever before. The number of schools is growing every year, as an increasing number of colleges try to help more students advance toward degrees while cutting the high costs of education.

Reasons not to Choose Online Education

There are a few disadvantages to an online schools and online education is not right for everyone.

  • Some classes are not offered online because they require hands on personal observation
  • Online courses may require more personal discipline for students that procrastinate
  • Some students prefer face to face interaction with their teachers and peers