Acting Classes

Actors portray scenes and characters as based on a written script. They perform in theaters, in film, television, on stage and any other performing arts avenue. Many actors build their skills through formal training which can be acquired through an acting conservatory or theater arts class at a university. If you are interested in more information on a career as an actor, simply choose a school below and request information on financial aid, tuition costs, course offerings, and much more.

Acting Classes

Employment as an actor is expected to grow by only 4% by the year 2020. The motion picture industry is still growing, but demand for actors is not expected to grow along with it. The performing arts companies are expected to see the same slow growth, as it’s difficult to find funding for theater.

The average hourly salary for an actor is $17.44, capping out $64.04…unless you’re Brad Pitt.

A career as an Actor will typically require you to do the following:

  • Read scripts and meet with agents and other professionals before accepting a role
  • Audition in front of directors and producers
  • Research character’s personal traits and circumstances to better portray them to an audience
  • Memorize and rehearse lines with other actors
  • Discuss the role with the director and other actors to improve the overall performance
  • Perform the role, following the director’s directions